U.S. Race Relations 101 | Sports


Date and Time

Sun, August 1, 2021

03:30 AM - 05:30 AM


In light of the brutal murder of George Floyd by the U.S. police, many people in Hong Kong are interested in joining the ongoing conversation on the experiences of African Americans in the U.S. In the spirit of keeping the conversation going, we are putting together this series to help equip allies and skeptics with the necessary background knowledge as well as an opportunity to develop a more nuanced understanding which is paramount to addressing the issue in the long term.

Expert Lecture | Sharing | Discussion | Media Content

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Admission is free, but self paying African style snacks and drinks are available.

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U.S. Race Relations 101 | Sports

Africa Center Hong Kong, 12/F, 21 Hillwood Road, TST, Hong Kong