Secondary School Education Forum


Date and Time

Sat, January 15, 2022

09:30 AM - 02:00 PM


Secondary School Education Forum
Jan 15, 2022 | JW Marriott, Hong Kong
REGISTER at https://secondaryschool.scmp.com/
The South China Morning Post's Secondary Schools Education Forum provides a platform in connecting local and expat parents and their children with leading international secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Join us and learn all the critical information for choosing the right fit for your child and hear from experts on practical tips for parents with older kids and how to prepare them for bigger challenges in life.

The best international secondary schools at the event for you to speak to and get answers to the questions that are specific to your child and family needs
Compare various curriculum choices, find the right fit and learn how to make an effective transition from primary school
Meet with educators and specialists to learn about all of the benefits and types of curricula that can boost your child's overall development
Gain a thorough understanding of the application process, know when to start your preparation and what strategies are likely to help your child get an offer

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