Members’ Craft Beer Series: Crafting the Brand in the Industry


Date and Time

Fri, July 30, 2021

04:30 AM - 05:30 AM


With just two local craft beer breweries in Hong Kong in 2013, the industry has since grown to a far larger number now. With close to 40 breweries over a few hundred types of craft beer, this industry is maturing very quickly.

Continuing with the success of the first series of the dialogue with the local breweries, Asia Society Hong Kong Center is presenting the second series of the dialogue with Yardley Brothers Craft Brewery, Black Kite Brewery, Tai Wai Beer, and Deadman Brewery.

Yardley Brothers Craft Brewery is a long established brewery in Hong Kong with a continuous new craft and innovation to put them in the forefront of the market. Black Kite Brewery and Tai Wai Beer are long known for their award winning beers in the market, passionfruit sour beer and tea-flavor beer respectively. Recently both successfully went through re-branding of their bottles. New kid on the block – Deadman Brewery with their experienced brewers, are they ready to take up a slice of the market share?

This dynamic dialogue among the four breweries will be moderated by David Hopely, who is a craft beer fanatic and also had followed the industry growth closely since the start.

This dialogue will be a kickstart to the Members’ Craft Beer Series, where every month we will showcase a local craft brewery to conduct online guided beer tasting by the brewer for the members of Asia Society Hong Kong Center. This beer tasting will happen on the last Friday of every month.

August 27 Friday – Yardley Brothers Craft Brewery
September 24 Friday - Black Kite Brewery
October 29 Friday - Tai Wai Beer
November 26 Friday – Deadman Brewery

Join as member of Asia Society Hong Kong Center now to enjoy the membership benefits and this special craft beer tasting sessions with the brewers!

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Members’ Craft Beer Series: Crafting the Brand in the Industry

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