Introduction to Systems Thinking


Date and Time

Wed, February 24, 2021

09:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Explore the fundamentals of systems thinking in our interactive session.

Have you ever wondered why people seem unable to solve chronic, complex problems or achieve meaningful goals - often despite their best efforts?
Systems thinking helps reveal the big picture and emphasizes that in order to optimize the performance of the entire system, people need to move from trying to optimize a single part of the system to improving the relationships between its constituent parts. This workshop will cover some of the foundations (what systems thinking is, why and when it is needed) and we will then practice creating some simple systems maps. This is an introductory workshop so it will give you a good understanding of the basic concepts and tools and propose further resources if you are interested in diving deeper.
Key Learnings
• Define Systems Thinking and describe its application in understanding and resolving complex problems.
• Explain three Systems Thinking tools (the Iceberg, System Archetypes, and Belief/Action/Results (BAR) framework).
• Apply these Systems Thinking tools to an important issue in your workplace.
• Shifting mindset: from traditional analysis to a systems thinking approach

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Introduction to Systems Thinking

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