FreeJam Open Mic Jam Night at The Aftermath 25


Date and Time

Thu, February 20, 2020

08:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The best karaoke in Hong Kong is open to everyone and it's free! Sing your favorite songs with a live band. It's a fantastic atmosphere with an excellent stage and amazing sound!

- Host (Alwin) will queue performers up to perform 1 to 2 songs (depending on the length of the queue)

- Host and other attendees are free to help play songs for others; if you want to perform a more obscure song, please post it so musicians can learn it!

- Instruments available there to use (keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass, and a drum kit)

- Arrive and queue early; the lineup can get pretty long as many people are eager to perform!

- Feel free to ask to play with the performers if you know the song well

- Respect and support musicians and their songs; some people are first-time performers!

FreeJam Open Mic

FreeJam Open Mic Jam Night at The Aftermath 25

The Aftermath Bar, L/G, 57-59 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong