Art Journaling Open Night


Date and Time

Mon, May 17, 2021

06:00 PM - 08:30 PM


Free Open Night at Wild at Art !

Come along and talk to the people who love to Art Journal and find out why this is such a beguiling and loveable practice. You can have a little arty dabble and play at the same. It's certainly helped a few people get through quarantine alone as well as provided a whole new art practice that can be accessed by people at home.

Remember creative expression can give your heart a voice......
Do you ever find that there’s something you have to say and you just can’t find the words?
How do you express a feeling you can’t define or explain? What colour is that ? what shape is that ?
We are not just thinking and talking beings. There is a whole part of us that yearns for expression beyond spoken language but we don’t often give that piece of our consciousness enough of our time and attention.

During the last 2 years we have used our art journaling to process all kinds of topics including the uncertain nature of our lives, adapting to change, building resilience and how to breathe, stay calm and carry on, literally!

People decide how to make their journaling personal and how to build their own habit of creative journaling. Sometimes we work to themes which last one week or 3....sometimes we learn new art techniques and how to incorporate that into our journaling. Sometimes we lay art games too !

On the whole we learn to play on the page, without judgment, just through a little creative fun, finding your own style and pathway !

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Wild at Art HK

Art Journaling Open Night

Wild at Art HK 2-4 Elgin Street, Hollywood, Soho, Central, Hong Kong