Indian events in Hong Kong

With its cultural diversity and high standards of living for ethnic minorities, Hong Kong has become a welcoming place for many Indians. Showtimeon is here to provide them with an ever-increasing range of events they may be interested in. That is why our all-in-one service enables organizers to raise greater awareness of the upcoming Indian events by promoting them in the online environment.

Showtimeon is committed to connect Indian events organizers and attendees using the service that works for both sides. We meet the needs of those who are looking for the ways to unwind in Hong Kong as well as those who are eager to promote venues of that kind.

Here you can list any event, be it a party, fashion show, sports activity, social occasion, or workshop. Showtimeon will help you encourage more people to attend or take part in it as we do care about the Indian community in Hong Kong. We will make your event far-reaching while providing Indians with a chance to indulge in the enjoyable pastime.

How to raise awareness of local Indian events with Showtimeon?

All you need to reach a wider audience is to get your planned occasion listed on our website. At Showtimeon, you can choose between two different plans, depending on the number of listings you want:

  • Free package that includes no fees but allows for a single listing only.
  • Multi-listing paid plan that provides you with 10 listings in 12 cycles.

Selecting the category of Indian community events will be the next step. You can either choose between campus, entertainment, social, sports & adventure, theatre and workshops sections or add all of them. Once it is done, you will need to provide some information on your event, including location details, dates, description, and ticket availability.

Get your event listed with the Showtimeon service to attract a vast audience and maximize engagement!


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